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Is It Worth It To Worry?

It all started at a two year old's birthday party. Balloons, cupcakes and merry toddlers gathering at the park on a warm spring afternoon. What a treat considering that my children are teenagers now and it's been awhile since I've enjoyed a celebration of such innocence. Making my way around the affair, I introduce myself [...]

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When Out of Control is the Right Place to Be

It's a balmy Saturday afternoon as I pull up in front of their charming home. The sun's radiance magically highlights the soft green grass of the extensive lawn. As I notice the toys and sports gear, I imagine that this field has held many a ball game. Approaching the walkway with anticipation, I am barely [...]

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What Can Shine Through the Darkness

Climbing the driveway toward the exquisite, Italian-style home, I am drawn to the immaculate yard especially vibrant on this gorgeous fall day. An array of colorful pumpkins decorates the front steps, while a life-sized skeleton hangs prominently on the door. It is so old school and reminiscent of my childhood- I love it. No doubt [...]

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The Giver

Have you ever come across a person so kind and giving that you are convinced you have encountered a real, live angel? Well, after you meet Lydia Scialabba from Trabuco Canyon, California, you will definitely believe just that. Rarely have I experienced a person so full of love with the willingness to care for and [...]

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