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The Reason

The season arrives. Faster, it seems, than the year before. Hearts leap for the sweet-smelling trees, sparkling lights, and magic in children's eyes. But grueling traffic, long shopping lines and financial pressure come along with that, too. Our hearts may ache as we miss loved ones or acknowledge unfulfilled dreams. We make plans, attend parties, [...]

The Reason2018-12-08T18:27:48-04:00

Is It Worth It To Worry?

It all started at a two year old's birthday party. Balloons, cupcakes and merry toddlers gathering at the park on a warm spring afternoon. What a treat considering that my children are teenagers now and it's been awhile since I've enjoyed a celebration of such innocence. Making my way around the affair, I introduce myself [...]

Is It Worth It To Worry?2018-12-08T18:27:48-04:00

When Out of Control is the Right Place to Be

It's a balmy Saturday afternoon as I pull up in front of their charming home. The sun's radiance magically highlights the soft green grass of the extensive lawn. As I notice the toys and sports gear, I imagine that this field has held many a ball game. Approaching the walkway with anticipation, I am barely [...]

When Out of Control is the Right Place to Be2018-12-08T18:27:48-04:00