I would like to dedicate this website to my dear friend, Yancey Bradley.

Yancey, whether we were attending church together as children, going to Young Life and Bible studies in high school, or trying to find our way as adults through the good, the bad and the ugly that we have both endured, you have always been there to encourage me to follow the Lord and His Word. You were at my doorstep during my darkest hour holding 10 Bible verses with my name in them. Those verses became my greatest treasure and in them the seed was planted for Key Chain Verses to be created nine years later, which has now led here, to Everlasting Choice. You opened your home when I felt God calling me to start a women’s Bible study and knew I could not do it alone. Your constant prayers and support throughout it all have been a true blessing. I have watched you make good choice after good choice throughout your entire life, and you are an example to so many. I am so proud to share your name. God bless you, Yance!

Thank you:
To my husband, Chris:
Thank you for loving me for who I am, for your constant encouragement, and for being the sweetest man I have ever known.

To my two children, Madelyn and Garrett:
Thank you for being my most precious gifts, my brightest lights and my unending joy.

To my parents, Jim and Lyn:
Thank you for loving me every day for almost 44 years, for giving me my foundation in Jesus Christ and for teaching me to love the Word of God.

To my Was-band, Carey:
Thank you for your friendship, for beautifully designing this website, for the countless hours of unpaid work and for choosing to turn something bad into something good.